Our Service

As an independent third party PROFESSIONAL we believe you and your client is best served. Our reports are unbiased evaluations of the existing conditions of the property. Unlike a contractor, we have nothing to gain or lose through a strict analysis of the property, whether it is defect free or, alternately, full of challenge. Our general background allows a full spectrum inspection program without the costly hassle of assembling an inspection team.

Our customers agree.

An IAQ inspection by HHIAQ™ is an economical first, if not last, step in evaluating the IAQ aspects of your home or small other building.

A Lifelong service

Historically, the relationship with our clientele is lifelong as we invariably help them through future technical issues. We focus our service on lifelong learning and lifelong customer satisfaction.


We undertake the following scopes of work:

  • Major IAQ defect analysis & reporting
  • Sampling and testing review/ analysis
  • Review of Major Building Elements:
    • Foundation & landscaping
    • Exterior damage review
    • Venting and Back drafting review
    • Plumbing for leaks
    • Mechanical carbon monoxide check
  • Moisture check
  • Mold and mildew, odor check
  • Building as a system
  • Environmental hazard review
  • Air and Product Sampling
  • Building Envelope Review
  • Project management services

Indoor Air Quality - Professional ServiceProfessional Affiliations:

IAQA Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
APEGBC Professional Engineer
CAHPI Registered Licenced Home Inspector
UBC PhD Program Environmental

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