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Why Choose Us for Your Home Air Quality Test

As an independent third party PROFESSIONAL Indoor Environmental Quality (IAQ/IEQ) Consultancy run by PhD level experts, we believe our clients are best served. Our reports are unbiased thorough evaluations of the real time existing hazard conditions of the building indoor environment. Unlike a contractor or supplier, we have nothing to gain or lose by laying out in clear fact after a true analysis of the building and its effects on the human condition, whether it is defect free or, alternately, full of challenge. Our expert environmental background allows for a full spectrum inspection program without the costly hassle of assembling a building consultant team as well as an environmental hazards team. Our customers agree.

An indoor environmental / building hazard inspection by Healthy Homes IAQ™/IEQ is prudent first, if not economical last step in evaluating the environmental (IEQ) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) aspects of building indoor environments

A Lifelong Service

Historically, the relationship with our clientele is lifelong as we consistently help them through existing and future technical issues and hazard challenges. We focus our service on lifelong learning and lifelong customer satisfaction.

Our Complete Air Quality Testing Services For New Constructed


Healthy Homes IAQ™, a wholly owned subsidiary of  R 340 Enterprises Ltd., is a full service Environmental Building Inspection (IEQ) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigation, Testing, and Reporting Firm. Our professional services include:

  • Site assessment and full spectrum environmental testing for building health and personal health-based issues.
  • Review and assessment of major defects in buildings, mechanical and ventilation and specialty systems that affect Indoor Environmental (IEQ) and Air Quality (IAQ).
  • Environmental defect and hazard analysis and reporting.
  • Coordination of Environmental Project Issues and Environmental Project Management services.
Air Quality Testing Services For New Constructed Home

Our expertise is centred on discerning and evaluating major environmental defects through expert level environmental and construction knowledge of issues that create IEQ/IAQ related problems with a Professional understanding of construction-based defects.

In particular our IAQ and environmental hazard review includes the following key areas through building as a system logic:

  • Building Envelope defects
  • Substandard heating, ventilation, and filtration challenges and effects
  • IAQ air assessment and indoor environment (IEQ) stressors assessment
  • Carbon monoxide/ carbon dioxide/ smoke and radon assessment
  • Odour and bio-hazard assessment
  • Moisture, humidity and water ingress activity assessment
  • Mould and mildew growth assessment, testing and analysis
  • Assessing buildings in a radon rich region
  • Marijuana grow environment potential inspections, testing and assessment.

Our Background

We are building science Professionals with expertise in design, construction, material defect recognition and analysis. We are up to date on issues and testing regimens for INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL and AIR QUALITY and BUILDING HAZARD Investigations. But that is only the beginning. We understand construction-related products, issues, and challenges extensively so solutions can be assessed and explained in simple language. Our extensive hands on expertise indicates this is key in understanding the complexity of issues that crop up inside buildings where health is a concern. An added bonus is that our clients are also provided practical repair, maintenance, and operation tips to reduce the likelihood of future problems with Indoor Environment and Air Quality in their homes and office spaces.

Our environmental and air quality testing and assessment services Team has conducted over one thousand IAQ investigations and Grow Op verifications and recertifications in the Okanagan alone since 1997. We know this valley’s environmental footprint, its causes, triggers, and effects.

Healthy Home Environments

Indoor Environment (IEQ) hazards and poor Air Quality (IAQ) in homes has become the overarching issue of the 21st century housing industry as people become more aware of the poor quality indoor environment around them and what it may be doing to their health.

New homes can contain “bad” air, toxigenic particulates, radon, and volatile organic compounds; older homes and toxic moulds, mildews, asbestos, hazardous materials storage, carbon monoxide, radon and other environmental hazards that are supplemented by poor ventilation and filtration which can lead to chronic physical and psychological health issues.

Healthy Homes IAQ™ is a trademarked system that helps to evaluate a building thoroughly and set in place an appropriate plan to deal with IEQ/IAQ and health issues quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Home Air Quality Testing Company

Our Services

Protect Your Home with a Professional Indoor Air Quality Inspection

A Professional

We provide Professional Building and IAQ/ environmental hazard (IEQ) Inspection services backed by many years of construction design, inspection, testing, assessment, and management expertise. We embrace a Professional Code of Ethics.

IEQ/IAQ Inspection, Testing & Consulting Services

Our Services and  Inspection Scope:

Major IAQ defect analysis & reporting on Major Building Elements:

  • Foundation & landscaping for water ingress

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Indoor Air and Environment Quality Building Investigations

Understanding personal Health along with building issues is a challenging set of issues which is not only time but client sensitive. We are focused on assisting our clients in understanding their indoor environment as a source of health issues.

Reference Information & Papers

Professional assessment and reporting services

Easy To Understand Language

The challenge of a highly technical professional field is how to best convey issues and solutions that are understandable and useful to those affected.

Our Professional assessment and reporting services include observations and recommendations that are provided in easy to understand language that articulate health effects to actual insitu conditions, common local circumstances, and local construction and environmental idiosyncrasies that can affect the operation of buildings as a system and their indoor air quality.

We Are Client Focused

Our organization has been structured to provide prompt and efficient service with focused attention to our client’s needs.

Your satisfaction is our Guarantee.